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Cultural Farmers Association


Who We Are

The mission of the Cultural Farmers Association is to provide a strong and unified voice for domestic certified producers. Cultural Farmers Association is the origin of a viable international food and agricultural policy and production system. Cultural Farmers Association is regenerative and our farmers are managed in concert with natural system to enhance the ecology of our local ecosystem, including clean air, water, soil and food.

In 2018, Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs), Self Help Groups and other micro organizations identified the need for a standard organizational structure to support the growth into nationwide to expand the environmental contribution. In 2014 farmers first identified the need for a national effort to support the growth in the number of farmers joining the organization. Expansion of the environmental contributions throughout land and communities to achieve this, we need sound corporate, IT professionals and the Entrepreneurs from around the word to join hand in and support the growth of viable standard system of farming and delivering to the individual end user. In 2021 Cultural Farmers Association became an independent organization with its own governing, quality and standard regulations with a measuring scale.

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